About Pix4cause

Photography is a hobby and passion that encapsulates the hearts of many. The photographers always looks forward to new experiences through various trips, and interactions to create and share wonderful memories. However every such memory, every interaction is a collaborative effort of several people apart from the photographer. The partners in collaboration are primarily nameless and faceless drivers, guides, naturalists etc, who silently and quietly do their job and fade away from the scene, leaving the photographer to bask in the glory.During these difficult times when nobody has been spared, we also need to look beyond our own problems and turn towards these secret heroes, who are in dire need of help. To the people who make this possible, every person and foundation that enables us to do what we love, and the very forests that fuel our passion and preserve our heritage. This initiative is to give back and protect these elements.

We are a group of like minded photographers from different walks of life, who have come together under the banner of ‘Pix4Cause’. Our aim is to aid in conservation and assist the people in need. We have created this digital platform to sell our images and generate funds for the same. The entire proceedings barring the printing costs and taxes shall be shared amongst these silent heroes and also deployed to further the conservational efforts.